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Think Twice PSA

nat roth bigger

Lyrics by Natalie Roth

Composed by Lilo Fedida

Daddy (Aba) Video


Daddy (Aba) – Natalie Roth & Avi Toledano (Official)
Performed by Natalie Roth & Avi Toledano
Original Hebrew version Written by Yoram Taharlev
Music by Avi Toledano
Arranged by Lilo Fedida
VideoClip: Actors:
Natalie/Young Natalie’s Mom – Natalie Roth
Avi/Young Avi – Avi Toledano
Young Natalie: Lihi Toledano
Written by: Natalie Roth, Avi Toledano, Yardena & Javier Wasser and Emad Asfoury
Produced by Natalie Roth, Ruthy Roth and Avi Toledano
Lighting by Igal Bochilin
Makeup by Haki Shahaf
Logistics by Rinat Barak
Directed, Filmed and Edited by Yardena & Javier Wasser (LemonArt)

Israel Video

New Israel Video

“ISRAEL” – a song for Peace.
Music by Lilo Fedida
Lyrics by Natalie Roth
Cinematography by Emad Asfoury
Produced by Ruthy Roth
Edited by David Rusheen
Makeup by Jessica Sinclair

Special Thanks to:  Michelle Mivzari & Ronnie Hadar

Anthem for Peace, עם ישראל, עם ישראל חי, נטאלי רוט,רותירוט, רותי ביקל,תל אביב, ירושלים, הימנון

143 Video

143 Video

Natalie Roth performs in a music video of her song 143, shot and chopped by Ryan Weitz. Singer and actress Natalie Roth’s first music video for her forthcoming debut album coming in the Fall of 2011., love anthem, love tribute, one-four-three, 143, 1-4-3, wedding love song, first dance

Music by Christopher Saint
Lyrics by Natalie Roth

Rent Free Video


Rent Free
Music by Dapo Torimiro
Lyrics by Natalie Roth

Abandoned Video

Abandoned & Rent Free

Music by Braxton Mills
Lyrics by Natalie Roth