bioimage1Nurturing an impressive body of work that encompasses film, television, singing, songwriting, and producing, Natalie Roth is an up-and-coming performance artist whose career continues to evolve with exciting and challenging projects.

Passionately fueled by expression through song, Natalies musical and lyrical style is inspired by profound life experiences and the depths of the human spirit.

The conflict that led to Israel being under fire during the Summer of 2014 inspired the release of her most recent single, “Israel”. With a proud heritage of Israeli-Jewish descent, “Israel” is Natalies dedicated anthem for peace to both Jewish and Non-Jewish people, around the world, and to to those who want to join in this mission.

She is a fan of all types of music, yet shes purposefully rooted herself in the pop-country genre, even while her eclectic tastes from world travel have influenced her creative output. Natalies focus is to produce uplifting, soulful harmonies, and heartfelt lyrics her fans can relate to, such as that in her singles “Abandoned”, “Rent Free”, and “143 (I love you)

Natalie’s volume of contemporary songs ring with a catchiness that appeals to a universal pop fan base, though her drive to diversify her music has lead to collaboration with internationally renown artists and producers to shape another upcoming single in progress.

Born in Los Angeles, California to her mother Ruthy Roth, a famous modern dancer in Europe and Israel, and father Daniel Roth, an interior designer, musician, and songwriter, Natalie was raised in the entertainment industry.

A natural-born talent and performer, her career began at the tender age of three, when Natalie became the youngest singer to perform the National Anthem for the Los Angeles Lakers. Shortly, she started touring in concert with the “Starmakers”, a children’s performance troupe that entertained throughout the Los Angeles area.

Growing her career as a successful actress, Natalie stepped into dozens of nationally syndicated commercial roles throughout childhood and into adulthood. She made her theatrical debut in the movie “Delta Force”, starring Chuck Norris, Lee Marvin, Susan Strasberg and Shelly Winters.  Her most recent work in films include, “Three Girls and the Golden Cocoon”, a feature film produced and shot in India, and “Forget About It”, starring alongside Burt Reynolds, Raquel Welch and Robert Loggia.

After leaving her mark on television and film, Natalie refocused her original passion as a musical lyricist with fervor, and is expanding her resume into deeper realms of producing and songwriting. All of her life, Natalie has seen the immense power music has to change lives—to activate inspiration, to instill hope, and to simply entertain. Shes aware of the platform talented artists are blessed with when pursuing their dreams to make a difference. Natalie respects it deeply, and appreciates every moment saying, “Turn life’s obstacles into wisdom; turn challenges into learning experiences. Be true to who you are and stay focused on today.”